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Resolved - Ordered Products on admin side missing on email


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Hi All!


Been looking into how to resolve an issue with incomplete orders being emailed to customers. We place orders by invoicing the customer on the admin side. Once the processing is hit an email is sent to the customer with the itemised products including total and all. For some reason if the items ordered is more than 1 the "order confirmed email" only shows the last product that was ordered. No matter how long the lists of order is, only the last product is being emailed. Oddly, even if not all the products ordered are shown the total order remains correct.


Can anybody help me. For some reason the products ordered are not being itemised in the email.



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It probably has something to do with this foreach warning on the Confirmation email template:




IMPORTANT: Macros must be retained in the email content for it to be populated with suitable data. Dynamic regions or repeat regions must also be retained (e.g. {foreach from=$products item=item}Dynamic data or repeat data{/foreach}).
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Hi Dirty Butter! Thank you for your reply. The thing is I have not removed any macros that was already there in the email templates. Plus it is actually putting a product the only problem is only 1 product. The problem appears when I add more orders into the invoice and process it. The email then only shows the last product that I have encoded.


All the macros pertaining to the product was in the email so I assumed it will pick up all the orders and show it on the email but it doesn't.

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So we ask the question: Did you have occasion to edit the email Template(s) for the Order Confirm and/or Order Complete content template?


I am going to say no, you haven't. There wouldn't be any items listed if the {foreach from item} tags were missing.


But if you have edited a template, be sure the editor is in Source mode to see the lines:

<-- {foreach from item} -->

<-- {/foreach} -->

The email only has the last product, but does the Order Overview screen list all the items correctly?

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Hi bsmither! No, I  tried to look into the email templates but I cannot find any information to add that would give me a solution. Yes, the email only has the last product. If by Order Overview screen, you mean the admin page where I can view all orders and its details then the answer is yes. I can see all the orders itemised correctly on that side.


I have a feeling this is something that can be pulled out from somewhere. The information is there so I'm sure it can be shown on the email. I'm just not sure how to go about it.

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Your are right Dirty Butter and thanks bsmither. I try to look into the source code of the email templates and for some reason the


{foreach from item}



was misplaced on the code. I move it to include the macros of the products and it shows up all orders made in the admin side.


Thanks for the info guys!

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