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Images, Cache, and config.xml - HELP PLEASE


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Hi - I am developing a new site using 5.2.  I would like to set the image sizes to custom sizes while still using the upload capability and caching.  I have edited the config.xml in the skin folder that I am using and cleared all the caches I can find - images, skin, and the general cache - however the images are still being re-sized to the sizes specified by the original config.xml.  I looked at the database, and the entry under CC_Cubcart_Config seems to be stored in some sort of secure fashion that I can't edit.


How can I force a reload of the new config.xml file??  Help please. And thank you.



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When looking at the HTML source as seen by the browser (use your browser's View Source menu option), does your <img> tag URL look something like:

If not, then whatever code is building the skin isn't getting the product's image properly.


Also, in the admin Store Settings screen, Advanced tab, disable the cache while developing the skin. This prevents CubeCart from using a rendered skin that may have changed.


Information about the skin is not saved in the config database table. And the information in there is saved in Base64 format. There are lots of free online converters and some of the better programmer's text editors have this converter built in.

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