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5.2 Gift Certificates - Where are the instructions?


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In the Settings group in the nav-stack, click on Gift Certificates. (Or go here: /admin.php?_g=settings&node=giftCertificates)


Enable the status, enter the smallest amount a customer can buy and the largest amount. Enter an integer for the certs lifetime (starts when purchased).


If you want the purchaser to be restricted in the choice of a physical item, or just an email sent to the gift recipient, or to be able to choose either (but not both), indicate that.


If a physical certificate, indicate the weight as a decimal expression of your whole unit weight scale (generally zero), such as 0.1 (close to 1oz or 100grams).


The product code is a name that means something to you: 'GiftCert1', 'Holidays 2012', 'Cupcake Cowabunga', etc.


You also might want to read this: http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/46070-gift-certificate-valid-period


Currently, CubeCart has the capacity for one Gift Certificate. It can be used against the cost of goods only, with no restrictions against individual products or categories of products.


To review the purchases of Gift Certificates, click Coupons, then select the Gift Certificates tab.


There is no direct way to know what specific orders had a cert used to discount the price. When viewing the Order Summary of any order, if a cert was used, there will be an indicator on the Notes tab, and a note indicating what cert was used.


From the customer's perspective, click on the link in the Category Navigation box to be presented with a form. This skin template cannot be edited with CubeCart's rich text editor (other than maybe the language phrase), and the Gift Certificate is not databased the same as a regular product. Therefore, adding a splashy graphic must be done by some other means. (There are a lot of nice images for Gift Card purposes that you can 'borrow' from a search through Google Images.)


For the latest version(s) of CC5, there have been some reports that with a Gift Certificate code entered in the checkout screen, the cert's cash load is reduced, but the total of the order has not.


I'm working through that.


As for a general response to, "Where's the documentation?", the answer is, "You won't like the answer."

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You know, I REALLY hate when I blindly miss something after searching so hard for it! I was so busy looking for gift certificates in products, I didn't even see it in settings. It's like I just started using the internet yesterday!


Thanks for the very thorough answer. I'm looking forward to further development on this, but am happy with what's there now!

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