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Differential Files Available


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Hi, folks, including CC moderators.

Any chance you can always post a differential file when there is an upgrade ?

Super helpful, although i know I can run my own software to do that, I have so many versions and backups of the skins, it's a bit complex to run a differential without moving some stuff around here.


Thanks :-)


Primarily only looking for differential file on the "skins" each time, as that helps us fast-track anything critical to edit on any line by line basis.


Keep up the great work! We switched to CC in 2010 from an inhouse solution and we earn our living off sales made via CC, so thanks for the continuing bug fixes, security patches, and evolutionary improvements. It *is* appreciated!



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Please visit the topic:



An updated collection of differential reports are there.


(From CC522 to CC523, I attempted to identify what bug was fixed. I managed to match about 1/3 of the changes to its respective bug report before the Bug Tracker was taken offline.)

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WinDiff, now by Microsoft and is free, is sufficient to examine differences in folder contents and files.


Devellion almost always does not provide diff files.


For my own efforts, I just haven't had the time recently to create the latest files (and update the archive in the free mods section).

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