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Upgrading always difficult


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Upgrading never works fine for me. The FAQ about upgrading to the next version from Cubecart is very unhelpfull. Don't try that method, the upgrade will not go successfull. 


When I want to upgrade from the upgrade-message in the backend of the shop, I get the alert I have to do it by FTP because of permission-issues. These are the steps I take:


  1. I backup the database
  2. I backup the FTP.
  3. I download the newest version from cubecart.com.
  4. I delete the FTP (because overwriting isn't working because of permissions), except the folders modules/plugins, the images/logos, images/source, skins. In the Cubecart FAQ it says to overwrite everything, but don't do that! You lose you skin, images, modules en logo. 
  5. I upload the newest Cubart-files, except the folders mentioned above. 
  6. I run the setup, change the permissions as noticed, and fill in the preferences. 
  7. The shop is ready, but I have these problems always: the Global settings are gone, and need to be filled in again (pain in the ass, because I can't remember everything), the copyright in the footer is gone and needs to be created again (if you can remember that too). The Documents are in duplicate, I have to delete the new ones. 
  8. With the latest upgrade to version 5.1.2, a lot of images where seperated from the products, and needed to combine again.

Always a lot of problems and no easy FAQ or manual from Cubecart. Very disappointing... :( 

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If you don't follow the instructions exactly, you will have issues. You followed the new installation route because you forgot to add back in the global.inc.php file which has all the database information. Because that was missing, the upgrade option was not available to you, hence why everything was duplicated, references missing, and settings reset. This is not an issue with the CubeCart upgrade process.

Equally, if you don't rename (and relabel) your customised skin from a shipped skin name, uploading all the files including the shipped skins will overwrite your changes. It's imperative that customised skins are renamed to avoid these issues... again, not an issue with the upgrade process. If you do overwrite the skin files, then you can just restore/upload a backup of it.... in any case, don't forget to apply any skin changes to your custom skin.

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Which instructions can I follow exactly? I haven't find them anywhere on Cubecart.com.


You said "because you forgot to add back in the global.inc.php file"? I don't understand you advice.


The upgrade instructions online do not mention the globals file as they say to upload overwritting existing files. Hence the global file will remain in place. No need to confuse people with more information than necessary.


There are plenty of Commercial members at CubeCartForums.org to help you if you need help. Or the CubeCart people themselves can upgrade your store for you.

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