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Charge for shipment after order is placed


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When an order is being managed by CubeCart, the first status is called "Pending". This before the customer has paid for the merchandise.


After having made payment, the order is in the second status called "Processing".


In the admin's Order Summary screens, you can adjust most everything about the order, regardless of the status it currently has.


So there are two considerations:

Pending-- add the shipping when known, advise the customer, the customer visits their account and makes payment.

Processing-- add the shipping when known, advise the customer, log in to your payment processor's Virtual Terminal, make a manual transaction against the card for the shipping.


There is a process used by restaurants: authorize the charge, have the patron add a gratuity, capture the new amount. I don't remember the terminology for this sequence, but none of CubeCart's payment gateways do this.


There has been problems with admin-created and edited orders not being correct when the customer tries to make payment on them. I believe CC521 has a fix but more in-the-field experiments are needed.

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