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Multiple drop down option lists possible?


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Building store for client, and they want to offer a simple discount, such as:


Item A Red = $100

2 of item A Red = $50 each


Easy enough using cubecart, but what if we've got Item A Red and Item A Blue to choose from for 2nd item discount?


How can we distinguish customer chooses Item A Red for first item, and item A Blue for the 2nd item when desiring the 2-item discount price?


I've tried adding a second drop down option set to the product ("2nd item choice") for this case, but I've only been able to get a single dropdown to actually appear.


Is there a better solution for this scenerio or is there actually a way to add additional drop downs?


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I came across this while looking for a bug that was causing bad quantity discounts being calculated.


The way CC521 handles quantity discounts is to compare the main product's product_id number.


Let's say we have a Flashlight (product_id = 15) in green, blue, black, red, and grey colors. It does not matter what colors the customer actually chooses, as long as the quantity price points are hit for the basic flashlight product:

<5: $15.00

5: $12.00

10: $10.00

20: $8.00


Regardless of what data you have entered for each option (stock level, UPC code, etc), CC521 will go through the list of items in the shopping cart, and for each item, will use the product_id to find the same product_ids (in this case, '15'), but ignoring the option. Then this product_id is temporarily removed from the list.


So, the customer can buy three of each color and get them for $10 each.


Now, future versions of CC5 may also allow for quantity price points with option discrimination, that is, six red flashlights and six blue flashlights are $12 each, not $10.


In the product's edit screen, you need to enable the quantity price discount option.

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