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crosshatch top menu problem


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I want use this template and i use top menu with showing all voice in menu (extend tree categories).

So when i use a menu that extend it's voice over gallery image , menu disappear when cursor reach area of gallery image in product page. Look www.pcutile.it ancd click on "consumabili" menu voice, if you want click in a voice over gallery menu disappear.

I think this is programmed without user use in mind!

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Seems to be working ok for me (using Chrome) if you keep the cursor in the menu it works ok. If you move off the menu then it disappears as it should do.


Those types of menu are really awkward to use on a tablet which is what many customers are using these days. Better to turn off the category expansion and use the category pages to navigate or change the menu to one that opens/closes on a click rather than on hover.

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I see what you are describing. Too be fair, perhaps the skin designer did not expect a menu expansion with approximately 30 items that would reach all the way from nose to toes.


In the file dropdown.css, line 1, find ul.dropdown and add z-index: 1000;


Have the browser force-reload the web page (re-fetches css, javascript, and images instead of the browser using its cached copies).

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