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Site Structure question


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Is there any reason or benefit some sites have pages outside of a "store" folder?


If I wanted to add a home page and some other separate pages, would I need to separate the main site from the store?


I'm a little confused as you can see.

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"Would I need to separate the main site from the store" by using a /store/ subfolder?


No and Yes.


CubeCart is written in PHP. CubeCart runs almost exclusively from either index.php or admin.php. (There is some code in CubeCart to suggest that the admin can run from some other file than admin.php, but it is not completely functional.) That is to say, from index.php, everything else uses PHP's include() function to execute the other PHP scripts.


There are a significant number of places where index.php and admin.php is hard-coded. That means using something like cubecart_index.php will not work. (And not all web servers will operate correctly when missing the page name in the URL. Don't worry if you don't understand this comment.)


Therefore, to put any other web application or web HTML pages alongside CubeCart, they must use something other than index.php, such as index.asp or index.html.


Which leaves out Wordpress, for example, as Wordpress is also written in PHP.

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