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Giving Up on CC5


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I have been using CubeCart for about a decade now, since CC2. I am currently running my stores on CC4 and a few on CC3 still and they work exactly the way I need them to. I love CubeCart and what you have done up to this point. I really have been a huge fan and loyal user.


For the past few weeks I have been trying to work on upgrading to CC5. This has been a painful, frustrating and fruitless experience to say the least. The lack of 3rd party support is alarming. The mods that do exist have little to do with what I need and skins are pretty limited as well, compared to CC4. I can spend a grand on a custom skin but with this many sites that gets pricey fast! I run a clothing store and that means I need a link to size charts, related products, things like that. I figured after a year or so it would get better... Not so much. It seems the old community has moved on to something else or they are waiting for CC6 to come out and hoping it goes back to what made CubeCart so great. Ease of use and lots of mods.


The admin section of CC5 is NOT well thought out for handling 1,000's of products. It's at least 3 times more work than CC4. The tabs make sense for all the new features I guess but they can be trimmed down a bit. Keep it to three maybe. Just the extra stuff. Having to switch tabs to go between name, description and price is silly! I'll give you options as a viable tab..... but the general tab should have MOST of the info in it.


Just so you know. I did make a custom skin, I did get all my products in, I did setup everything but it still is so far from being what I can use and so hard to maintain I cannot see going forward with CC5.


I know you will delete this post but I hope the people in charge get to see if first. PLEASE go back to your roots before it's too late. Think of CC5 as your Vista and look for the Windows 7 solution! Easier is better! You were so focused on trying to make it look like Magento that you didn't seem to notice Magento sucks! I will poke my head back in when CC6 comes out to see if it's fixed. Lets hope that is soon! Good luck

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Each to their own. I would hate to see all the options you want on one tab as I would constantly be scrolling up and down to make sure I had everything. Clicking sideways on tabs is so much easier in my opinion and the vast majority of alternatives I tried before settling on CC5 work in the same way so there has to be a reason for that.

The architecture of CC5 is a million times better than the mess that is CC4 so I really hope they don't take a backwards step to what they had before. I too find it surprising that there aren't more mods out for CC5 especially given how much easier it is to modify. Perhaps that's the reason. End users are doing it for themselves. I'm not even close to being a web developer and I've managed to do every change I want without recourse to 3rd parties or support tickets.

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