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Broken images witht he CKEditor


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Hello members,


After downloading CubeCart last night I've been playing with it and I've just stumbled across a problem.

At the admin panel when I try to upload an image it is immediately broken and no uploaded image will work, it occurs under File Manager and category.


Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it possible to replace this editor if it is it?


Thank you.


I have included some picture for you.




I managed to add an image via external link, but I am unable to upload anything from my PC it the editor without it being broken.



When I installed, these were my checks:


Compatibility Check

5.4.3 PHP 5.2.3+
mysqlnd 5.0.10 - 20111026 - $Id: b0b3b15c693b7f6aeb3aa66b646fee339f175e39 $ MySQL 4.1+
Installed GD Image Library
Installed cURL

Optional Features

Not Installed APC
Not Installed bz2
Not Installed EXIF
Not Installed FileInfo
Installed Hash
Installed mCrypt
Not Installed memcache
Installed mysqli
Not Installed XCache
Installed XDebug
Installed ZIP

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I am able to add product images and as for the editor, it does upload the image but they get broken and don't display, so I don't know if its the localhost but I am able to work around this by uploading my image to and external website then linking it.

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Breadcrumbs are created with the assistance of the GUI class, addBreadcrumb method. To place a breadcrumb onto the breadcrumb stack, call the method with:

$GLOBALS['gui']->addBreadcrumb("Name-of-Breadcrumb", array('url_key' => 'url_value' [,element,element]));

$GLOBALS['gui']->addBreadcrumb("Test Category", array('_a' =>'category', 'cat_id'=>'1'));

This is used in the admin section and most other places.


The breadcrumb stack is retrieved with: $GLOBALS['gui']->getBreadcrumbs();


The breadcrumb stack is given to the template engine at:


at this statement:

$GLOBALS['smarty']->assign('CRUMBS', $this->_breadcrumb);


In the template main.php, Smarty expands the array into an unordered list in the <div id="breadcrumb"> block. It is then styled to look as desired.

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Hello again BSmither,

Thank you for your reply, really. See, as a person with no PHP experience I have no idea what is written above.

Could i ask you to give me a simple 5 step on what to do to implement this? If its not too much trouble of course


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I just need to implement the breadcrumbs on the index page saying "Home" and also for the other categories of course.


What's the best tutorial you've come across for customizing a skin or any other tutorial about cubecart

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Hello again members, :sourcerer:

I have ran into yet another wall and I'm asking for help.


All is going well but on me front page it says "Latest Poduct" at the very top and below is my hello content, my question

is how do I move the "Latest Products" to below my content? and one last thing I did a test purchase right, and no payment options came up (on my theme) it comes up on the vanilla theme but only "Postal Order Form" but its not set up so nothing happens when I click submit.


Thank you very much members.


Please excuse my ignorance.

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