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products of an order show double in admin

Guest irrimiri

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Guest irrimiri

Hi again,

I seem to have a bit of a bug going on in my cubecart software.
Not sure what caused this, but I only found out now I received a larger order.
Most of the orders I get only contain 1 to 5 products.

Yesterday I received one and the order was duplicated when I checked it in the admin.

I contacted the customer and she made a screenshot for me so I know that the order looked correct in her email notification.
See the screenshots.
'bestelling1' shows what the customer sees. 'bestelling2' shows what I see in the admin.

Does anyone have any ideas? Or should I just contact Cubecart directly for this?
I didn't see this reproduced before.

I am using the latest version of cubecart and didn't do any special modifications, except some skin changes. But never changed anything for the order pages.

Kind Regards,



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Hmm, can't see anything that might be causing it offhand.


The only way I can see it happenings if is the order is created, then for whatever reason, updated while still on pending. There are checks to make sure it doesn't just add duplicate products however, so they'd have to be failing for some reason.

I suspect you're not going to find out the issue without putting some debugging code in there to find out if the product hashes are different or something along those lines. If you hire a developer to look into it, I'd sugest they started investigating the _updateOrder function on the order class


If it's only happened the once, personally I'd maybe just keep an eye on it for the time being, might be a rare one off. Maybe submit a bug report but I'm not sure I'd spend the support credits on something that may never come up again. If it does start happening regularly, then would be worth getting them to have a look into it

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