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How to Do Manual Upgrade

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Hi all,


Can someone kindly tell me how to upgrade from 5.2.1 to 5.2.2 without screwing up the database. I have tried using the built-in upgrade system but it doesn't seem to work properly. I have searched the Cubecart site and I have to say that the instructions I have found are not, in my opinion, very clear. I am pretty computer literate and am used to hacking my way around using Cpanel, ftp and so on but this one has me baffled.


Any help gratefully received.





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It worked! 


This is the way that I did it:


1 - backup the database - I used Cubecart's own backup utility and did a second backup using Cpanel.


2 - backup the entire site - I used Cpanel but any backend site admin tool should be able to do this.


3 - FTP'd the unzipped 5.2.2 downloaded files to public_html on the server


4 - Opened a browser and navigated to the setup directory and ran setup.php


5 - answered the questions


6 - waited approximately 30 seconds and the job was done.


I wish that the people who write programs would take into account that we aren't all doing this stuff all day long.


I also wish that Devillion would take out the built in Upgrade option from Cubecart - in my experience it doesn't do the job properly. This has cost me about 6 hours work and a great deal of frustration. Much as I like Cubecart I do find that the the lack of good documentation is

a real weakness with the product.


Anyway I hope this helps someone else.



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Great Tim thanks.


Can you just elaborate on point 3 please?


(3 - FTP'd the unzipped 5.2.2 downloaded files to public_html on the server)


I need a bit of clarification on this point. Do I take all of the files out if the 5.2.2 folder and then put them on public_html or just the 5.2.2 folder that pops out of the zip file by its self so to speak.


Also if I extract all the files from within the container folder and upload to public_html there are going to be files and folders that overwrite my existing files and folders with the same names. Is this not going to wipe out my existing images, additional moduals that type of thing?


How would I manage this aspect of the upgrade when doing things this way?


Appreciate your thoughts.

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This is what appears after using the link in the readme file for 5.2.5.
This may answer your question about 
(3 - FTP'd the unzipped 5.2.2 downloaded files to public_html on the server)
How do I upgrade from CubeCart v5 to latest v5?
Posted by Al Brookbanks on 23 June 2011 11:56 AM
  1. Take a FULL backup of your existing files and database and check that  it is complete. This is critical in case the upgrade process fails or there is an error. 


  2. Upload the entire contents of this folder over your existing files  replacing all existing ones. 

    IMPORTANT: If you renamed your admin folder or admin.php file you must do this prior  to uploading the new files and your store will work as before.  


  3. Once that has completed in full please browse to the setup/ folder of your store.



    Note: FTP can time out so please check the FTP log if available to make sure it completed successfully.


  4. If all files have uploaded successfully the setup page should load. Please select  "Upgrade CubeCart" and follow the on screen instructions.


  5. Once complete please delete the setup/ folder to keep your store secure.


I am about to start my first upgrade and I will be following what is above , NB that I will be writing over all my files and modifications. Fingers crossed.

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NB that I will be writing over all my files and modifications.

You are going to lose all your modifications. I suggest you use the free trial of Beyond Compare 3 to compare your version with the newly installed version, so you can merge your modifications with it. If you download your site, you can make this merge on your computer with a fresh copy of the new version of CC and then upload the merged version. Obviously, take a good backup of everything before starting!!

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