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this cart is old..

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The development track will (probably) never be posted in these forums.


1. At this time, autoupgrade will be problematic because too many things can still go wrong.

2. The Installer is still being developed. A repository of modules* can be found at www.cubecartforums.org.

3. Please elaborate on what you would like to see in a "really language system".

4. CubeCart can make backups on demand, but your hosting provider provides scheduled backups.


1. An ideal system would "patch" CubeCart in a piecemeal fashion. But the existing "replace the whole package" approach suffers from possible timeouts. Currently, the best approach is manually.

2. I've gone through the Installer module and it looks very promising. Only half built, I've been hacking at it for a few months. www.cubecartforums.org is supported by subscription fees paid by "Commercial Members". As such, only paid-current members will have their products listed in the Commercial Mods section. There are also a few Free Mods. Properly built mod packages are simple drop-in folders.

3. CubeCart will allow the admin to add new entire language files, supplemental files for existing languages, and changes to existing phrases. What else?

4. Hopefully, your account with your hosting provider includes daily scheduled backups. Woe to you if it doesn't.

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While some aspects of this cart are "old," we've done "almost" $1,000,000 in sales with it and have not been locked into a third party platform with absurd monthly fees, sub-domain hosting requirements (on somebody else's server), security problems, or other "shenanigans." If you crave personal control of your domain (nod to Seinfeld TV episode), keeping everything on your own site/server/domain, and not paying high monthly fees, or dealing with problems of open source software having little or no support, CubeCart has proven a very solid solution. All products have bugs (ask Adobe about that, or Microsoft, or Google, etc.), as that is part of modern software built to run on varied platforms and technologies.


Inherent with the relatively low entry cost, is the presumption you're willing to "do the work" on a number of things yourself (like manual updates, it's not that hard for anybody managing an "e-business" -- except perhaps the lowly end customer when resold as a developer). However, most issues with upgrades have to do with logical security requirements of modern servers which intentionally make it hard for outside or certain internal applications to over-write applications (this is how malware gets installed).


Backup for any web business should be done periodically through the web server as that retains paths and permissions, which local "in place" backups of data cannot do; this is outside the scope of any ecom system to "make a complete backup of itself"  -- not even Windows 7 can do that properly.


Just throwing in my comments on how we rely on CubeCart for our business, our income, and bottom line. We've been doing ecom since 1996, and have gone through many apps, from open source, to in house cgi stuff, to dabbling with hosted solutions like Miva, et al. CubeCart -- for our purposes -- has been a generally great experience. Yes, the skins kind of suck and look like stuff we were doing 15 years ago, but are not any worse/better than open source stuff or some of the big expensive programs. Programmers are not "designers" unfortunately. So, if you're able to wrangle the code to build your own skins, or outsource that (which we finally did recently), you can build a pretty awesome site with great usability, security and reliability.


Everything is a trade off with anything that doesn't cost a fortune. So, keeping that in mind, it works for a lot of people, but your mileage may vary, as they say. :-)

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