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Resolved - Browser Compatability


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Hi All,

       I have a strange situation happening which I think is caused by browser incompatability. When I use windows IE 8 without the compatabilty switch turned on the pages are not displaying entirely correct expecially the summary of the purchase, if I turn on the compatability display the pages display correctly except for the dividers between the navigation selections at the bottom of the page and also the navigation doesn't seem to float to the bottom of the page. I tried Apples safari browser and I'm having a similar problem and there is no compatability switch, I have also used firefox and have the same problem.

Does anyone have any clues as to what I have done to cause this problem.

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"the summary of the purchase"


Could you be more specific, like, provide a URL of where you are in CubeCart:




And the skin you are using if you are talking about the storefront.

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Hi bsmither,

                 Sorry about the vagueness but I was struggling to try and figure it out.

I'm using a copy of the Vanilla skin and I'm in this url http://tulanescloset.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=product&product_id=2

When I turn on the switch for compatability in the windows internet explorer it is the same url http://tulanescloset.com.au/shop/index.php?_a=product&product_id=2

The difference between the 2 is that in the first instance the selected item is right down the bottom of the page and in the second instance the product selected is right below the header on the page which is the correct place. Also in the second instance the navigation is just below the product selected and not at the bottom of the page and the navigation items do not have the '|' symbol between them.

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The reason for the <div id="page_content"> block to appear at a level below the bottom of the left column is partly based on the text size of the breadcrumb, and that the left-padding is not as wide as the left column.


So, I adjusted the CSS in common.css line 130 to padding: 0 313px 0 263px !important;


By 'navigation', do you mean the Site Documents? Website Home Page to Privacy Policy?


There has been an update to the CSS in all skins for that from CC521 to CC522. In common.css line 160, replace:

#documents ul > li:after {
    content: "|";
    padding-left: 2px;


#documents ul>li+li:before
  content: '| ';

I'm not saying this will fix the disappearing dividers for you.

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