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Problems with importing catalog

Erik Deutz

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I have a problem with importing product catalog. From my supplier I can download a csv file. This file should be adjusted because CubeCart does not work with category names, but with ID numbers. But that's not really my biggest problem...

My biggest problem are the images....  The images are located on a remote server, so in the csvfile the images are named something like http://remoteserver/category/product1.jpg.  When I import the adjusted file all the texts are imported correctly, but no images
are imported

What am I doing wrong?

Please answer in Dutch, otherwise in English please,


Many thanks!



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Welcome Eric Deutz! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


Having CubeCart properly deal with image names or strings that reference external images has been on the "suggestion" list for quite awhile. Hopefully it will be set up soon.

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