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Resolved - Product reviews & Spam


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Thanks bsmither, rebuilding the cache did the trick. You guys are awesome.

The last idea I can give without getting really involved:


If this is an upgrade, then clear your cache. In admin, Maintenance, Rebuild tab, check the box Clear Cache, Submit.

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Arghhh!!!!!..... sigh.... This method of deleting reviews is barely any faster then deleting them one-by-one and hitting OK each time. At most I'm deleting 5 or 6 at a time. Spammers know to change the email address and IP address of their posts because they know they can be blocked. I've got someone that managed to post roughly 100 "reviews" of products that are ads for some cologne and managed to post them all using different gibberish email address and IP addresses.


Why can't I just check a box next to each review the same way I do to approve them then hit submit at the bottom of the page to delete them all?

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OK, I'll soften my previous post. In the last 20 minutes I've been able to delete 400 SPAM reviews. I'm left with 90+ I need to delete manually. Looks like most of the ones that contained asian characters were posted in groups from 3 to 12 so I was able to get rid of them pretty quickly.


Checking multiple and submitting would still be better, but this new system helped a lot, so thanks to those that wrote it into the software.

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I'm getting about 4 spam reviews a day (Only been open 4 days so I expect that number to grow unless I do something now).


I did a quick search and found this edit to the .htaccess file - going to see if that works and if not will think about something else:


## File Security
<FilesMatch ".(htaccess)$">
 Order Allow,Deny
 deny from
 Deny from all



... Just to let you know - this did not work :(

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