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Resolved - Stock Level Option

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Please Anyone, Help!


Is there a way to change the Use Stock Level Option for ALL Products at once?


Also, I do not want the OUT OF STOCK warning displayed on my products. Is there as fix for this also?


I had someone updating the inventory and I did not want stock level used. I have almost 1000 products that need the Use Stock Level unchecked.

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Just to clarify - do you want people to be able to order out of stock items, or do you just not want the Out of Stock items to show, or not want the words Out of Stock showing.


I'm assuming you want people to be able to purchase out of stock items - if so, go to Store Settings/Stock/ Check Allow out-of stock purchases.


PS - please create your signature

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On the admin Maintenance screen, Query Database (Advanced) tab, take note of any notice about there being a table prefix. You will need this.


In the Query box enter this:

UPDATE `pre_CubeCart_inventory` SET use_stock_level = 0


where pre_ is the table prefix noted above the query box, if there is one. If there isn't a table prefix, don't use pre_.


This turns off CubeCart's instruction to take into consideration an item's stock level when showing the item and allowing it to be purchased.


This probably does not override any "use stock level" settings for combinations of options. You may have red and blue widgets where blue widgets are out of stock.

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