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Can't get into admin area

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I'm new to this and am using VodaHost as my hosting provider. I just used Fantastico from my cpanel to install Cubecart and am trying to get to the admin area but keep getting tons of errors. 



If  you enter this you'll see what I mean




I'll attach a picture of how my files are setup (I really am VERY new to all this so not sure what info you need). Do I maybe have it in the wrong directory?


Also, I opened up the txt file 'installation instructions' that told me to read the read_me.txt file but there is no such file in anything that was installed.





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Welcome Kristy35! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


Those error messages are typical of a version of CubeCart that is in the v3 range (looks like that is what you installed), or early v4 range. (Currently, CubeCart is in the v5 range.)


Those versions of CubeCart use a function that the people who wrote PHP (a programming language that CubeCart is written in) decided a while ago to not use anymore.


Over at www.cubecartforums.org, there are some discussions you can search for the term 'deprecated' for a solution.


Also at cubecartforums, there are experts who are in the business of managing CubeCart stores and will be happy to assist you with getting either the CubeCart store you've installed into a working state, or to dump that version and help you install CubeCart v5 (a 'lite' operating mode is free so as to let you decide if Cubecart will work for you).

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