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Importing Products

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I'm moving a friend over to Cubecart who has all his products in a Filemaker database. There are approx 50 fields for each product. If I export this as a .csv file, will Cubecart be able to import everything correctly? Can I assign each field to a field in Cubecart?


The start of the file lists the fields:






Cubecart 5.2.2

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From the words Director and RRP, I will guess that the repository has fields that won't match CubeCart.


But Import Catalogue will start a process whereby you can identify which fields in the source file will be mapped to which fields in CubeCart.


Even so, CubeCart 5 uses a mapping table to associate 1-to-many images to 1-to-many products. So, very likely (as of CC522), any image filenames that may be in the source file will not be handled appropriately by the import process.

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