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I guess it should have said


"Open Letter to All CubeCart Users and Developers..."


which would have made it more clear this is something all CubeCart users should watch out for.


Creeping malware, spyware, adware and such in CC related products is really awful.


Since CC "stupidly" doesn't offer certification program for third party add-ons, it's buyer beware, but obviously dis allowing warnings about it here seems short sighted.


Oh well, it's your forum you make the rules. Enjoy.


And to DirtyButters point... we *do* host our secure sticker logos locally so they don't load off remote servers so as to not slow down the system.


Our server is PCI-DSS certified secure ... is yours?

We have to check for all this nonsense being done in certain apps and skins and some of it not only slows down the site, but causes security issues.


Perhaps CC may want to include a security primer for their customers as "best behavior."


Oh well. So much for trying to help out my fellow CC users.



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(Minor clarification: a borrowed image of someone's logo of a shield or whatever is not the same as the 'emblem' I was referring to. Client-side authentication returns a positive indication, a 'cameo appearance' to borrow a term from mash-up technology, from the Cert provider that this SSL Cert has been vetted.)

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