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Coupon discounts amounts incorrect V5

Nick F

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Hi everyone.


We have a couple of problems with our V5 webshop.


We've just noticed that the totals and also coupon discounts set on our V5 webshop are not right.


We've just sold 7 product lines to the follwing value










When we add those up manually its £239.43 but the subtotal on the order invoice is showing as £239.40, so its hard to generate a seperate VAT invoice on our accounts packeage without manually amending figures and parts when these figures generated by the shop are all over the place


Also the discount code we gave them for this one order is set at 5% on the system but on the same order invoice it shows 6% discount was given. 


Randomly, on other orders recently we've noticed that 10% discount was given and we again have no 10% set, only 5%.  as you can imagine giving 10% discount on one of those orders of Â£893.00 was a substancial loss when the system is set and should have only given them 5% for it.


is anyone else having these total and add up issues?   is there something i could have done??


see attached the order witht he incorrect added total and the 6% discount


Thanks as always,




prices and discount not right.pdf

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