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Hooking into Cart back end - Shipping module


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this is what i got from my mate that is writing a shipping plugin here for TNT transport in Australia


"Also I am looking at my version of the cube cart and I cannot find anywhere to add in the length of the product along with width and height. My version is the lite version and am wondering whether this facility only exists in the production version?"


do both operate the same ?


The product sold needs or would love to have Length added as its part of the shipping / pricing issue and we need to add a extra cost on a product over 5.2 meters

Also even in admin / product why not have HWD fields ? or are they treating weight as " dim-weight "




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I think only UPS has fields for HWD and the conscientious store owner would put as many items in an appropriately sized box as possible. I think any other shipping method that comes with CubeCart would not need to have the HWD specified on each product.


That is not to say I don't think it's a good idea. There is a mod that can incorporate additional product fields -- perfect for HWD, or, at least, an "additional shipping charges apply" marker. (The trick is to pass these additional fields to a shipping module that could use them.)


The only differences between the 'lite' and 'licensed' versions of CubeCart 5 are:

* only one administrator

* only X-number of sales (periodically delete some of the oldest sales from the records)

* only Y-number of customers (occasionally delete the deadbeats)

* You don't get a mobile skin (I think)

I think that's all the differences. Other than these capacity limits, there is no difference what-so-ever.


To discuss the mod that adds more fields to a product's property sheet, look for it at www.cubecartforums.org.

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