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Licensing Issues and Downtime

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** As of 17:55 BST we are back on line, thoroughly embarrassed and incredibly sorry to have inconvenienced our valuable customers **


For the second time this week our customer area, support area and license system has been down for an unacceptable period of time. All our server administration is managed by a 3rd party company based in the US and we have only been told that the issue is still being worked on. We have no further information. 


Please note that;

- our license system can ONLY block the admin login to the store. It will not interfere with the front end of your store at all and will not have any impact on your sales. 

- your store calls home once every two weeks to validate the license key. For it to call home during a rare period of down time is exceptionally unlucky and this outage only affects a small amount of our customers. 

- new stores will fail to accept a valid license key at this time.

- in the unlikely event that our company were to cease to operate, a patch would be made publicly available to bypass licensing all together so that our customers can continue business as usual. 


We are SINCERELY sorry for any inconvenience caused and will be seeking an alternative management company with tighter service level agreement. 

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