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Receipt Printing Problems

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Hi, I have just upgraded from CC 4.3.3 to 5.2.2 and have been playing around with a few things, trying to get things just right.


I have a few things related to the printing of orders that i would like to resolve.


1. I cannot seem to fathom out is how to Capitalize all the parts of the customer delivery address on my printed receipts e.g rather than have mr j smith, 22 long road etc i would like to see Mr J Smith, 22 Long Road etc etc


2. Also is there a way when printing the receipts that i can get it just to open a print preview window rather than the print window and the browser page below it.


3. Lastly, when i try to print multiple receipts using the orders overview page the receipts do not print seperately but continuously print so i end up with the end of one order receipt and the start of another on one A4 page.


Thanks in advance for any assistance

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