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Selling fabric by length


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Yes and No.


With some edits to the code and database, we can make CC5 do fractional quantities.


In a bug report about this, Devellion has said they will keep CubeCart at whole number quantities.


Please read:



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Thanks again for your help.  :)


Another friend of mine is looking at moving their fabric store to CC.


I guess fabric could be offered in varying lengths via a drop-down option like the t-shirt sizes we discussed the other day?

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The dropdown is do-able. But the range of lengths would either require a large number of options, or a somewhat limited selection of lengths.


There might be a problem with whole unit quantities, then adding optional fractional lengths, as each fractional length would be multiplied by the whole unit quantity:

3 @ 1-meter = 3 meter length

3 @ 0.5 meter option = 1.5 meter option additional length


As yet, there is no quantity on options:

1 @ 1-meter

5 @ 0.1 meter option additional length


So you would have to have an option drop-down with limited additional lengths (not that such limited options would be a bad thing).

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If I read TWD correctly, a customer would buy the product selecting a quantity of 125 (in cm) -- for an effective total of 1.25 meters.


I would look at finding a mod to enact a limit on a minimum purchase however.

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The minimum would most likely be a metre of fabric. Their current site has a drop-down length selector, from 1m to 1m, in half a metre increments.


If I knew this was possible with Cubecart it would solve a lot of headaches.

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It'd be pretty easy to use centimetres as the stock, Brian was correct in how I was meaning, yes.

All you'd need to run it then would be a quick mod to display the quantity field as a drop down box with options from 1m to (max stock), going up in half metres.


That said, if you're going up in half metres, I'd probably set that as what 1 stock means. Generally you always just want to use your lowest increment as the stock level and work back from there. But as they say, you'd have to ask for that on the 3rd party site

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I have discovered that there are payment gateways that allow for the inclusion of the list of products sold. But the format of that list item limits quantity to an integer.


Specifically, (currently in development) the Secure Hosting and Payments Company (well known in England, or so they say, part of the Universal Payment Gateway plc), the format requires an integer.

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