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By Category - Shipping question


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Hi - when I upgraded to CC 5.2.2, I didn't notice that the By Category shipping module isn't correctly pricing international orders.  It's working fine for the UK ones. 


UK orders are charged the correct shipping amount

International orders have no shipping added at all :(


cubecart 5.2.2

PHP Version 5.3.18

mysql 5.0.96


Where should I look to fix this, please?




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I am sort of having the same issue - I was wondering if anyone happened to get with you directly on this or if you fixed it?

My issue still exhists.

I found the "Per Category" option in Shipping and  I edited my categories and changed my prices per category both domestic and international.

I mocked up several orders of products from several different categories because I wanted to see what happened to each order with mixed "free shipping" and cost for shipping items.

However every single transaction had free shipping - $0.00

I set the values in each and every category I wanted shipping costs in yet no matter what items I put in the cart it was $0.00 for shipping.

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. Why do my categories I set to have a value NOT have a value when ordering from those categories.

I had to set my site back to flat rate - but I need international shipping values adjusted. And I need free shipping on several categories.

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