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Images not displaying and showing the "noimage_thumbnail.png"


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 Images not displaying and showing the "noimage_thumbnail.png" image.Images are loadeded in the images/source directory and are divided into sub directories. This is a new install with cataloge having been mass imported and the inages FTP'd into the directory. I'm sure the answer is here in the forums somewhere, but am running out of time to get this site up and running.


newest version 5.2.2 is being used.

Any suggestions on this will be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know what info you will need to help on this issue.

Catagoie YOUTH 

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I can't help, other than to suggest you move one image out of the folder and see if it shows up. That has been a issue for many here, but not sure if it's been fixed in 5.2.2 or not. Won't hurt to try. If that does or does not fix that image, it should help a more knowledgeable poster with ideas about a solution for you.


Also, do the images show up properly in the folders within the File Manager/Images section of Admin?

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the images are listed in the file manager/images, but when i click on one i get this... "This image could not be loaded



Also i tried loading one image to the images dir. (outside the directories i've created) and when i select an individual product and try to assign athat image to it, all i see sre the dir's i created, and not any of the images themself.

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Wait, i may be on to something here, seems i put the products into a catagorie, which i had not done before, and am now able to manually assign images to em...let me investigate a bit more, i would hate to have to do them one by one  :)

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Oh, that's it!! But Bsmither has a thread on here somewhere where he helped someone upload products in a CSV file with a primary category designated. I'm getting off for the night, but it's been fairly recent as I recall. Hopefully you'll find it - if not I'll hunt tomorrow.

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ok, so if i manually assign images to individual products, that are in catagories, the images will display.


So, when importing a cataloge how do i get the products to go into catagories automatically.


Also here are my headings, not sure which ones i can use for the import...or where they all go for that matter.. lol


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I've searched this morning, but I haven't found the thread I thought would help you.


I see you have a field called category_name, so IF the csv file is properly set up it seems like an import should work. BUT I just don't know enough to help. I see you've posted on the 3rd party forum, and Bsmither hasn't been here today. I notice Sir William is working on a v5 mod to deal with this very issue - if time is more valuable than money right now, it might be worth contacting him directly.


You might get some insight by taking a look at the export of the items you did manually:

ok, so if i manually assign images to individual products, that are in catagories, the images will display.


That should help you verify the names of the fields that CC will recognize on an import.

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