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UK VAT on products and shipping question/problem


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Is there a way to select whereby VAT is applicable to products and shipping. Example.


1. Books = no VAT on book or shipping


2. DVD = VAT on product and shipping


3. Book and DVD = no VAT on book but VAT on DVD and partial VAT on shipping


This is as per UK customs and excise, and I can find no way of setting this up properly.




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That will be complicated. One can set upi shipping by category, and in that shipping category, I believe one can state this is an Exempt tax class.


An admin can create as many tax classes as needed, but having an equation to calculate what part of a product bundle is taxed and what is not -- wow.


Or do you mean that the shopping basket has a book product and also a video product? Then I think shipping by category would work.


Each product, on its Pricing tab, can have a selected tax class.

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