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Resolved - Images Not Working When Uploaded To A Folder


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Hi guys , i recently changed host to fix my email sending problems, thanks to Bsmither it all working again , now ive got another issue ....  and its a weird one .. uploading an image via the cubecart uploader . When i upload an image to /root of the images folder , the image previews and works correctly in the image uploader , but if i create a folder with the uploader and upload the image , it says it uploaded , it shows as uploaded , but no preview , and does not work with a product or category , and if i manually browse to that folder i just created via FTP , the folder exists but the image does not , but CC shows the image is there , strange ..... but if i upload the image manually via FTP into that folder , it works fine , might be a cubecart uploader issue ? my folder permissions are 777 for both /images and /images/cache , it MAY be a .htacess thing ? im not sure , but ive attached a copy of it anyway , and if i hit the "update file list" the image that was listed in the upload manager but not in FTP disappears


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ok ive changed the permissions , and funny you should say the link to the image , the one i just uplaoded via the filemanager has a link like this .......





but all working images have this like structure ..





the top link is the same image "van.jpg" uploaded into a folder

the lower link is "van.jpg" uploaded into the root/

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Would you please read this and see if it pertains:


Other than the number at the end, those links are perfectly legitimate. CubeCart will use the skin's noimage file if, for any reason, CubeCart cannot find or access the cached image that was supposed to have been created when the real image was selected for the product or category.

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yep ive seen this...




In the file /classes/filemanager.class.php, find the function buildDatabase() (at around line 170). About 25 lines down, find this:
$filepath_record = $this->formatPath(str_replace($this->_manage_root, '', dirname($file)));
$filepath_record = empty($filepath_record) ? 'NULL' : $filepath_record;
After those lines, add this:
$filepath_record = str_replace(chr(92),"/",$filepath_record);





, it appears my files are updated with that code already in my version

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So your store is in a subdomain? I didn't create our sites originally, and the person who did created our store as dirtybutter.com/plushcatalog/ - even though it's a subdomain. Could that have anything to do with it?


Also, MY .htaccess has <FilesMatch ".(htaccess)$"> at the top and the same missing   in the Rewrite Rule at the bottom. Again, I don't have a clue as to whether that means anything in your situation or not.

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"my folder permissions are 777 for both /images and /images/cache"


As mentioned earlier, we suggest making the following folders 755:

'backup/', 'cache/', 'cache/skin/', 'files/', 'images/', 'images/cache/', 'images/logos/', 'images/source/', every new folder within 'images/source/', 'includes/', 'includes/extra/', and 'language/'.


Please verify the permissions for images/source/ and the permissions for the folder you created with Cubecart's Filemanager.


Also, please verify with your hosting provider if suPHP or any of several "hardening" utilities have been applied. Evidence of such hardenings may not be revealable in the phpinfo() output.


If so, you may need to set these folders as recommended by your hosting provider.

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resolved.... it was a bit of a muck around , but the way i did it was , i backed up all the MYSQL database tables except "CubeCart_CubeCart_image_index" , then i dropped all the tables , run the cubecart setup again (to make new MYSQL tables) , then imported .sql backup i created (minus the image table) , went into file manager  , created all the directory's as they previously were , soon as i did that , all the previous images appeared but were damaged (have a link of http://ava4x4.ingenuity.net.au/skins/mican/images/common/noimage_normal.png?1188984844) etc , then i uploaded the same images via the file manager that i had backed up on my pc , and just to test i made a test category and test product , uploaded a new image as per normal and Voila , it worked




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