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Resolved - Invoices not displaying VAT Number / address / phone number


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If you are referring to the Shipping/Packing Slip (which serves as an 'invoice'), the admin template file orders.print.php has this:

      <fieldset class="other"><legend>{$LANG.account.contact_details}</legend>
        <div><label>{$LANG.common.email}</label><span><a href="mailto:{$order.email}">{$order.email}</a></span></div>

We need to decide where to place the retailer's tax-id number. That number is entered on the Taxes, Tax Details tab, and would be different depending on which tax was applied to the order. If you want to place a specific note info into a static location on the form, I suggest in the footer block:

      <div id="thanks">{$LANG.orders.title_thanks}</div>
      <div id="footer">
        <p>{$STORE.address}, {$STORE.county}, {$STORE.postcode} {$STORE.country}</p>
        <p>VAT Registered 2013: 1234-5678</p>


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From the Orders list, click the printer icon for any order. Nothing is changed about the order, so feel free to bring this up as often as necessary. Your browser should open the Print dialog window, but you will just dismiss this without having actually printed. Then use your browser's Print Preview feature to get a good idea what it will look like on paper.

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I'm not sure which email you want to modify, but Admin>File Manager>Email Templates>click on the appropriate flag of the email you want to edit. Be sure to edit not only the HTML but the text version. Some emails have code you can only see from the Source view that you don't want to mess up, so I always edit from the Source version, not the WYSIWYG.

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Where is the invoice company logo chosen for emails?


Create a variant of your logo that is (I estimate) no larger than 300x120 pixels.


In admin, Store Settings, Logos tab, upload that version of your logo. When it appears in the Current Logos list, enable it, and use the selector to assign it to Email Templates. Click Save.


The logo is placed in the email template at Email Templates, Email Templates tab, edit the Default Emails, HTML Content tab, then position the icon that looks like a dog-eared sheet of paper ripped in half.

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When that happens, the cause is very likely what mode the editor was in when editing the template: design mode or source-code mode.


In design mode, one selects the text and clicks the B tollbar button to make things bold. In source-code mode, one would have to make actual HTML code: <b>B</b>.


If you entered <b>B</b> in design mode, the editor converts that to &lt;b&gt;;B&lt;/b&gt;. This is the "htmlentities" conversion, and is necessary so as to show HTML markup code in a browser (or whatever you use to view HTML-based documents) without the browser actually rendering that HTML markup code (which it is doing when it shows a '<' instead of the &lt; sequence).


Or, in your email reader, you may be viewing the email's text variant (CubeCart sends both the HTML and the Plain text variants in the emails) that has HTML markup code in it. When editing the email template, this would happen if HTML markup code were entered in the admin Edit Email Template, Plain-Text tab.

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When editing in the textarea (the Plain Text tab) that is how the the layout will appear in an email when the email program is set to view the plain text part of the email. Generally, if you read your email at a web site, finding the command and getting that program to display the plain text component is very obscure to impossible.

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I have seen on the rare occasion, a messed up email reader that does not know how to show the HTML component, so it shows all of it in raw HTML form. When you are viewing this email sent to you, does any part of it appear as if it proper HTML-rendered, and only the edited stuff is raw HTML?

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