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New site is now live, but old google links no longer work


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There is a huge amount of information available online and a search in Google will give you more than you ever need.  You will also be able to create redirects through your hosting control panel.  Whichever way you do it, be careful though as it can cause problems with the site if not done 100% correctly even causing infinite loop problems causing the website to not display.  The commands have to exactly correct and also positioned in the correct place within the .htaccess file or they will not work and can also cause other directives in the file to stop working.  cPanel and Plesk (hosting control panels) are generally very poor at adding these in - the syntax is *usually* correct but they normally add them at the bottom of the file.

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I have searched but couldn't find anything definitive.


Is it worth doing this? How long will google take to re-index the new site, and is there a simple way to get this done quicker?


OK, I think I need to submit a site map but all I can see on the server is:




Can I submit this?

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If the old site had been around for a while and you had pages that were indexed and ranked in Google then it is 100% definitely worth doing otherwise you lose all of the benefit of those old pages.

Submitting a sitemap is certainly worth doing although that wont specifically help with creating 301's to preserve previously indexed ranking pages. Also be aware that CubeCart's sitemap has to be manually created and re-created (a very large number of people create it once and dont update it but Google and the other search engines will continue to see and pick it up if it exists !) and it also isnt a specialist sitemap generation product so doesnt include image / video / news sitemap files which are also extremely important if you have any of these on your site.

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