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Resolved - CubeCart - Unable to backup,Unable to upgrade

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Hello All,

I'm trying to recover a shop that someone else botched the 5.2.2 upgrade for.
I only have the website files and the current database backup.

I understand that there were problems with the original upgrade files and have found instructions on how to fix this, but I'm encountering some problems:

1) The posts that I've found detail files that I should download but no indication of where to get them from.

2) I am unable to backup the database using the admin panel, as it does not do anything (I assume this is because the database is out of step with the code).

3) I have manually upgraded the database as suggested, but I still get the error messages if I try to backup:

    Error: PCLZIP_ERR_READ_OPEN_FAIL (-2) : Unable to open archive 'backup/files_5.2.1_08Aug13-145257.zip' in wb mode

4) I then performed an automatic upgrade and I now have this error on all pages:
`The includes/global.inc.php file has no value for the 'encoder' parameter. This needs to be set to 'zend' or 'ioncube'.

Is there any way that I can recover this without re-entering all my data - products/purchases etc... ?




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I'm not one with enough knowledge to be much help, but I'm pretty sure the answer in your statement about zend or ioncube. You will find several posts on here showing how to deal with that server issue. Try searching for includes and zend.


Bsmither has now provided some directions in the next comment, so please ignore my suggestion.

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CubeCart's upgrade process is to overwrite every existing core file. The only reason to have a backup of the application is if you have made any edits to the core files (which will get overwritten, so you can compare the modified file with the latest version file and re-implement the edits). The backup will also catch images (logos, product images, etc), and other resources that are being used by CubeCart (but are not a part of CubeCart). The upgrade process will not disturb these resources.


You will absolutely need to restore the file /includes/global.inc.php from the copy if it has been replaced by a 'blank' version.


1) Go to www.cubecart.com. At the very top of the page is a short banner that will download the latest version.


2+3) There are a few reasons why one would not be able to get a backup (ran out of time1, folder permissions deny write by a PHP script2, etc), but not because of code to database version disparity. 1. The backup process fails to force PHP to extend its normal execution timeout (for killing infinite loops). Therefore, any process that takes longer than 35 seconds will appear to be doing nothing. The timeout may be positively enforced by your hosting provider and as such, there would be nothing that a PHP script can do to get more time. 2. Some hosting providers implement a security package called suPHP (there may be others) that changes the ownership of folders. Thus, a folder set to CHMOD 755 in anticipation of receiving files created by a PHP script will need to be set to 775. (I don't understand all the ins-and-outs.) You may need to contact your hosting provider to learn if any security package has been applied and what that means for scripts wanting to save files in folders.


4) From the copy of the store files you were given, open the file /includes/global.inc.php. Determine what the value is for ['encoder']. Copy that value into this file that is located on the site. If the global.inc.php file is also missing the database access values, then, and if the database still uses the same access values, just replace the global.inc.php file with the copy you were given. If not using the same access values, you will need to determine what those are and enter them into this file.

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Hey Thank you so much for your help,

Here was the solution.


restored to orginal copy of database,

went to site download latest version of cubecart,

replaced all files with the new ones,

manually upgraded by going too www.examplestore.com/setup.


Then I was presented with the "The includes/global.inc.php file has no value for the 'encoder' parameter. This needs to be set to 'zend' or 'ioncube'"


So to fix this i tryed the diffrent options for which the $glob['encoder'] varible can be set i found these by looking at the site below








For me plain did the trick. Also I had to re-enter the database details.


lots of errors simple solution :D

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