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Resolved - All in one Shipping by post code ranges


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Hi all,

        This is what I'm trying to do using all in one shipping. My client has a courier which has a matrix of different charges for different weights for different postcode ranges.

I have setup in the All In One Shipping Module a zone name and then country and then setup various ranges of postcode and then within this zone the shipping rates are setup for the various weights (see Below)


Zone Name/Description                 Countries                       States/provinces                Shipping Rates

                                                                                              Postal codes

Vic Melbourne Overnight                Australia                        3000-3048

                                                                                             3050-3058                           Shipping Rates




NSW Sydney Overnight                Australia                         2000-2048

                                                                                             2052-3058                           Shipping Rates



The shipping Rates for the above matrix looks like below


Method name/description        Shipping Price                   Order Weight Limits          Actions


Melbourne Overnight                   20.00                                0,000 -  20.000

Melbourne Overnight                   25.00                               20.1    -  30,000


Melbourne Overnight                   30.00                               30.1    -  50.000

Melbourne Overnight                   35.00                               50.1    -   100.00




Sydney Overnight                   20.00                                0,000 -  20.000

Sydney Overnight                   24.00                                20.1    - 30.000
Sydney Overnight                   35.00                               30.1    -  50.000

Sydney Over Night                  40.00                               50.1    -  100.00


What then happens is that when I create a customers order whose postcode is 3195 the select shipping part of the checkout list all zones irrespective of the postcode but it does seem to select the correct range for each zone. the postcode 3195 should only fit into one zone and the weight which was 4 kg should have been $20.00.


The expect result was Melbourne Overnight $20.00 because the post code fell between 3090-3207 of the zone name "Vic Melbourne overnight"


My question is have I setup this All In One Shipping incorrectly or have I completely missed the point as to the functionality of this module.


Any help with this will be appreciated as the client wants to go live within the next couple of days and this is now critical.









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for those interested,

                              The answer to my issue was that I had go through the postcodes and make sure each range or individual code was on a separate line. I know the documentation says that you can have them separated by commas but in my case this seemed to cause my issue. It could be that the postcodes were copy and pasted from an excel spreadsheet. It seems to be working as expected now.

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