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My new site is up and running but a couple of buyers have complained that after logging in they do not stay logged in. Indeed within 10 minutes another login is required. Furthermore, the although the browser(s) IE, Firefox, and Chrome retain the email address they do not retain the password.

I have checked this myself and it seems they are correct.

I tried the same thisn with the Amazon.co.uk site and this does stay logged in for the day and retain the password in the browser when not logged in.

Does anyone know of any adjustments that can make CubeCart's behaviour similar to Amazon?



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Welcome jeffers! Glad to see you made it to the forums.


Every modern browser will 'remember' most entries ever entered in a web form, but never the password field. To do so is a minor security risk at home and a major risk at public spaces. I cannot speak to how or why Amazon would allow this.


There was an issue with earlier versions of CubeCart that incorrectly set the lifetime of the cookie. That's been fixed. The customer has 60 minutes of inactivity before the cookie expires.


There is a demo CubeCart installation. Visit the main www.cubecart.com page and look for it. Test your experience there and compare it against your store's behavior.

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Thanks guys

For the buyer it stays logged in for about an hour if the buyer does not surf the site.

For me the seller about 30 mins without using it.


I am now using Roboform with my default browser Firefox and that seems the best way to go.


Thanks for the advice.

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