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Order Status - On/Off


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I think what you mean is that you do not want your customer to know what the status is of their orders.


Inhibiting CubeCart from managing the status of an order would cause all kinds of inappropriate behavior.


There are a number of locations where the status of an order is presented to the customer: at the end of the checkout process, in the customer's account, orders overview page, in the emails CubeCart sends to the customer, and maybe a couple of other locations.


Please be more specific about where you do not what the order status to be displayed to the customer.

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Since you've been a member for so long, it might be important to ask when was the last time this (whatever the problem is) worked properly for you. Have you just recently upgraded? If so, from what?


Also, a lot has changed since 5.1.4 - upgrading to 5.2.2 might solve your problem. And thank you for having that info in your sig - very helpful!

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Hi Guys


Thanks for the response.


Basically I would like to remove the ability of the customer to see the "status" of their order in the Customer Account and Orders Overview pages.

The problem we are having is that we are currently unable to update the status of orders fast enough, and as a result customers are chasing us complaining that orders are only showing as processing, when in reality they have actually been dispatched. 


I would just like to temporarily disable this function until we can update the status' of orders so its actually a benefit to customers.


Is this possible.


(have updated the signature as have upgraded CC to 5.22)


Thanks in advance, 

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Do you rely on the email from CC telling the customer that their order has been shipped, or do you use a shipping program that automatically sends an email when the item is shipped?


I ask, because we use Endicia's Dazzle, and there is the option to automatically send an email to the customer with ship date and tracking/customs number when the postage label is created for USPS.

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In the file content.orders.php, in the skin templates folder of the skin you are using, please make these edits, changing the existing line to have it look like what is shown below, near the line number indicated (could vary widely depending on the skin - these numbers are for the Kurouto skin):

14: <th>{* $LANG.common.status *}</th>
24: <td align="center" nowrap="nowrap">{* $order.status.text *}</td>

Then, in content.receipt.php:

  2:  - {$SUM.order_status}   <<-remove this part

I think that's it.

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