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Cubecart filemanager loading freezes forever


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Hello All,


The filemanager in Cubecart was perfect and working, but after i have imported my products it contaisn 46.000 images.


After i call up the filemanager in admin the page will infinity loads then stop loading after 5 minutes and show blank page.


How can i upload images using admin? Not possible to work in this way ... and i dont have ftp access everywhere so i prefer using this in admin.


I think more store owners have this problem.


Its all nice, but for BIG shops like us with tons of images your filemanager is killed.


Please any suggestions about this.



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hello Thanks for your reply.


ALL my images is based in the folder: /images/source


Because i migrated my old store and all images where in one root folder ... also a special images sitemap is created for this folder and yes i want them to index (more traffic more sales we see in the stats).


I dont know why cubecart do the same as other carts like opencart ... trying to fetch your images folder and freeze.


We used a paid shopping cart once (VERY GOOD ONE, but i dont like powered by blabla in footer its unprofessional so we hosted our self) ... but witht his cart system it will just show you a pop up to BROWSE locally on your system then you upload it and image will upload automatically in the images folder ... this filemanager is NOT reading the images if you decide to upload it ... it will simply asking your local image you then choose to upload and in the backgroun it is uploading the image in the images directory.


i LOVE that system! Systemk like cubecart and opencart (maybe other carts as well) all trying to load the images folder and crash ... maybe nice for good shops with 200 products, but for BIG stores this is a pain in the ...

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We have about 4,000 images and no issues. But you have 10 times as many. I have a vague memory of the limits of Filemanager being discussed at some point, but I don't know if I can find it again or not. Hopefully Bsmither will be along soon with some suggestions/insight.

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Your hosting provider may have a time limit configuration on the web server. If so, there is nothing you can do about that. But if that limit is generous, you can try changing the time limit that PHP has to execute a script.


First, let me say that for those with "BIG" shops should have their own actual, dedicated server. That way, you won't have to share machine resources with any other virtual server or shared space. And you can set your operating parameters to whatever you need.


In the file ini.inc.php, CubeCart, as coded, gives you 128M of memory space. You may want to increase that to 512M (if your host will let you have it). Then you may wish to add this new statement to increase the time allowed for a script to run:

This gives you 20 minutes.


But you said the browser aborted after 5 minutes, so this must be a limit imposed outside of CubeCart.


I agree that CubeCart since Day-1 can have massive amounts of improvements in efficiency. Maybe, one day...

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I am dedicated ... so your statement is wrong.


What if i have images? you will still blame my server?


I just think its not logic to execute a script to read images directory in ALL cases.


just an additional feature (or permanent feature) to let the administrator or owner of the shop upload image to specific directory and just upload it ... without READING all images ... its not logic.


Once it is uploaded it should automatically use that uploaded image for the action you are doing (for example in a WYSIWYG editor).


Reading all images to select an image is not a good feature ... let the system automatic choose image that is uploaded or use a search feature so it will show only relevent images using your search engine ... this will IMPROVE a lot!

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However ... thanks for the answers, but it doesn't really help.


I can understand i can modify the script and let it execute 20 minutes or in future 2 hours ... but then you will understand i will just use FTP it takes 1 second ... i just don't understamd why programmers (Cubecart, opencart) decided to choose for "reading all images" script ... i think it is a waste for memory on system and it doesnt work fast for big shops.


Uploading chosen image and use that image directly is more a logic feature ... but oh well ... if Cubecart doesn;t have this we need to wait :) one day we go for Magento anyway, but for now we stick 1 or 2 years with Cube.

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"What if i have images? you will still blame my server?"


Having taken this ad absurdum, your argument points out that certain aspects of CubeCart do not scale well. This is stipulated.


But, until we view the PHP error log, the web server error log, and the database server error log, we really do not know conclusively what to blame.


Your browser showed a blank page. It did not show, "Your site is taking too long to respond," or "This page could not be displayed. It may be caused by...."


So, if one were to look at the ethernet traffic in and out of your computer's network card (Wireshark), we may see if the server killed the connection because of an error or timeout. If it was a timeout, there would be an error message in something's error log.

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Hello Bsmither,


I love your afford and your help, but i am technical enough as a linux (LAMP) administrator what you are meaning.


However ... i just think a script that is LOADING ALL IMAGES is not a good feature ... so even if you have a monster server or can pass the error with tweaks, mods and waiting half an hour to finally get your page loaded with 40.000 images is not a solution.


The feature should be as mentioned above ... loading THE WHOLE DIRECTORY where ALL images are is just something i dont get why you ever want to program something like that.


I know other carts have this as well, but if you buy from paid hosted shopping carts where those programmers focus on USER FRIENDLY then you wont have this.


They all work in a way where you friendly upload your image and friendly automatic use the uploaded image without using all your memory or CPU power to load a script that kills your server.


So for this statement:


But, until we view the PHP error log, the web server error log, and the database server error log, we really do not know conclusively what to blame.


I will blame the coding :) loading ALL YOUR IMAGES when you only need one image is just strange. Even if i have 100 GHZ and 256 GB ram in future i still think its a bad idea ... even if you have 5000 images or 3 billion ... i only need ONE image to use at the moment i uplaoded an image! Why do i want the system load all images? To select an image? Why the system doesnt auto detect the uploaded image and use it ... or why no search engine that shoes relevent images on search ... or why not just upload only and people can use the image using HTML and image source.

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or why not just upload only and people can use the image using HTML and image source.


That's the way I do images in Wordpress, even though there is a way to use their uploader. I FTP the image and then paste the image name in the post with the appropriate url format. I would be very happy doing it that way with CC, but CC is coded to use Filemanager to develop all the various sizes of the image to be used in different places in the site.

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