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Unit Price and Price wrong way around in the basket!


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I switched the terms in element.basket.php and it works properly.


Find this section about line 42:

<td class="unit-price">
				<td class="quantity">
					<input type="number" name="quan[{$hash}]" value="{$item.quantity}" min="1" {if $item.stock_level}max="{$item.stock_level}"{/if} {$QUAN_READ_ONLY} required class="required" />
				<td class="line-price nomobile">

Notice I just swapped where .line_price was in the code.

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The Blueprint thread is on the 3rd party forum. You'll see a link to it in my signature, and I put the link to the Blueprint Tweak thread in the post above. You'll benefit from belonging to both forums, as this one is for the stock skins and core CC product, whereas the 3rd party forum covers mods, commercial skins, and other versions of CC as well.


I'll post about this tweak in the 3rd party forum.

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