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unable to change pw in MySQL


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I wanted to change the admin credentials in the MySQL database, using phpMyAdmin. It's not relevant why I wanted to do it this way, but i just discovered something i've not noticed before.


The admin table (CubeCart_admin_users) does not include the column that gives access to the edits.  It displays this message.


This table does not contain a unique column. Grid edit, checkbox, Edit, Copy and Delete features are not available.


So then where can I do those edits? 



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I'm not sure what you were doing to see that message, but I can pull up the _admin_users and go through the motions of editing a password without any trouble. BUT, the passwords are encrypted and there's also a salt value involved, so there's really no practical way to accomplish this from phpMyAdmin as far as I know (not that I know much).


There's a recent thread about a customer not being able to login that discusses creating a new password via deleting salt. I'll try to find that and get back to you.


Here it is - http://forums.cubecart.com/topic/47610-customer-unable-to-log-in/



IF I understood it correctly - If you're trying this because you can't change a pw from within Admin, you could try deleting the salt value only for the admin account in question from phpMyAdmin and then trying to create a new password from within Admin.

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I am not that familiar with phpMyAdmin, but it should be really straightforward on what to do to change the 'admin_id' column to be a PRIMARY KEY.


(There are a number of other CC5 tables that were created without a PRIMARY KEY.)


Delete the salt, put a zero in the 'new_password' column, then have phpMyAdmin put a standard MD5 password in the password column. This is a CC3 style password and CC5 automatically update it to the CC5 style.

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