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Importing from a spreadsheet


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The admin source file products.import.inc.php seems to be able to accommodate these fields:

* Manufacturer by name

* Image by path/name

* Primary category is 'indexed'

* Primary image is 'indexed'

* SEO_path is used or generated (but has a bug)

* Any other field name that has a matching field in the inventory table


If there is no established "map", a list of eligible destinations are presented in a drop-down selector for each of the source columns (with a few additional columns, basically, the columns found in the inventory table:

status, name, image, product_code, cat_id (primary), description, manufacturer (by name),

price, sale_price, cost_price, product_weight, use_stock_level (1/0), stock_level, stock_warning,

digital (1/0), digital_path, tax_type (ID), tax_inclusive (1/0), featured (1/0),

seo_path, seo_meta_title, seo_meta_keywords, seo_meta_description, condition,

upc, ean, jan, isbn, brand, grin (actually, gtin), man (actually, mpn)


There is no existing code to process secondary cat_id numbers (that is, categories not the primary).

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Possibly... I'm building a new eCommerce site for a friend's fabric company. I have the old .sql file, but it's an export from a CMS called Tovuti that is no longer supported. I've suggested that it would probably be easier to create a new spread sheet based on all the current fabric in stock and to work with that instead. So that was my reason for asking about sub categories - it would save time in setting the site up.


I'm also aware that we'll need a mod for fabric by length, rather than quantity. How easy would this be to do? I asked about this here a while ago.


I'll also be adding WP as a front end.

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