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Not sure why but the £ symbol in the option part of an order does seem to show in the order summary page of admin so when I print out does not lo0k too good.


Never used to do it so not sure why. Any ideas?

You can see below thw main price is fine but the option that are added have the +� symbol now. This happens on all orders.


1 x Saracens Colours Charm Bracelet - SARYG9GL30 (£16.95) Â£16.95
Bracelet Design: Black, Red and White Beads Bracelet Size: 22cm Dangle Choice: Heart Extras: Add 2nd Dangle Charm: Rugby Ball (+�1.00) Extras: Add 3rd Dangle Charm: Rugby Ball (+�1.00)



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If you entered a currency symbol when assigning the cost differential of a product option (for example, Rugby Ball), that may be the problem. Please edit the options tab of the product edit screen, and make the price differential strictly a number - do not include any currency symbols here.

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Completely misunderstood.


"Seems to show in the order summary page of admin, so when I print it, it does not look too good."


So the problem is showing on the Shipping Manifest (the web page that you will be printing)?


Would you please try this: In the admin Currencies table, enter the html entity for the British pound symbol:

& pound;

(take out the space - I had to put in that space to keep the forum from converting the entity to the actual character)

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No that did not seem to work and since initial raising this have upgraded as well to latest version. Is there a way to hard code this somewhere as will only be using £.


1 x Celtic Colours Charm Bracelet - CELG7ZUD24 (£18.45) Â£18.45
Bracelet Size: 18cm Dangle Choice: Clover Extras: Add 2nd Dangle Charm: Heart (+�1.00) Gift Wrapping (Optional): Lime Green Theme (+�2.50)

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