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Importing .sql file from older eCommerce site


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Before starting to create a database and import everything from scratch, I've managed to obtain an export of the original eCommerce site, which was running on a non-supported cms. 


Is it possible to import this data into the Cubecart database? It would save us a lot of time if it is possible.

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Obviously, not directly.


CubeCart has a few "Importers" where, by way of an XML file, will map the source applications database column names to CubeCart's Inventory table column names (Magento's 'sku' column, for example, maps to CubeCart's 'product_code'.)


Currently, CubeCart's Product Import feature does not parse through the source file. Instead, CubeCart relies on PHP's fgetcsv() function -- which implies the source file must be in the "standard" CSV file format.

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