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Customers can't login


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Using I believe 5.2.2.  No changes lately however customers can't login.  When a client tries to login they get nothing.  It's like the page refreshes.  You can reset the password all day long.  No one can login.  


I submitted a ticket but they sent me a screenshot showing the admin panel works fine.  This is a high traffic store.  


Any ideas? 

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New User account isn't possible.  When I click the register button the page refreshes.  There is no confirmation that account was created.  I can see the account on the admin side however it isn't possible to login with the new account.  


I checked CubeCart_customer in the database.  All passwords are listed as well as a salt value.  


Issue still exists.  

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Tried Clearing the Cache and then found errors in the event logs.  


Table './b****_store/CubeCart_sessions' is marked as crashed and should be repaired

Table 'b******_store.CubeCart_code_snippet' doesn't exist


I can't find these tables in the database.  

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A sessions table having crashed will present itself as an inability to login (maintain a continuity across page requests). You should also have difficulty with logging in to admin.




The slashes have me concerned. And the period where it is located.




This table, being missing, is because of an incomplete upgrade process into version 5.2.0.

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