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Thank you to everybody at Cubecart


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Just as a quick thank you to the folks who built Cubecart, and all the help I've gotten on this forum the past couple of years. We just hit a milestone today, marking $1 Million in sales using Cubecart as our ecommerce platform.


I just thought it would be nice to share this with everybody, and share my thanks for a great product.


Christopher Simmons

CEO, Neotrope®

California, USA

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I've been doing ecommerce sites since Jan 1996, and have gone through the gamut of open source, arcane paid systems, crappy hosted solutions and over priced "enterprise" SaaS solutions. CubeCart is a great product, albeit "smallish" in many ways, it still has the attention to detail and good core code I rely on.


I think I sent in a testimonial once upon a time, but the best testimonial is running a business with CubeCart. It literally pays the bills! :-)

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