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admin page blank v.5.2.4


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Hi, please take a look in the PHP error log as it may give us an error message there. Alternatively open the classes/debug.class.php file and find:

ini_set('display_errors', false);

change this to;

ini_set('display_errors', true);

Then try to login again and you  should get an error message on the screen. We can then use that to try and figure out whats going on. Once done that code will need to be changed back again.

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Please remind us of what version of CubeCart you upgraded from to get to CC524?

And also, tell us what version of PHP you are running on the server. Do not trust the info that describes your hosting plan. Please find out from either phpinfo(), or from tech support for your hosting account, or from your hosting account's control panel.

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If you have a hosting account control panel, please determine if your account has PHP logging errors to an error file. If so, please find that error file.


The error file may be only accessible from within your hosting account's control panel, or it may be in a folder that you can access using FTP.


We need to know what has been logged in that error file.


You say you are running PHP 5.3.27. That's good.


Also, in your hosting control panel, you probably have a means to access and view the contents of your CubeCart MySQL database. You are typically given a program called phpMyAdmin to do this.


Please look in the table CubeCart_history and tell us what is the last version listed in that table.

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I'm not sure thats the correct error log. That might be an apache error log but we need PHP error log. It all depends how your hosting is setup. Maybe you can ask your hosting company where your PHP error log is. The error message you have shown is partly obscured. Do you know which file does not exist?

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