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Change how SEO URLs generate?


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I use Swedish as language and when I use the letters Ã¥ (å), ä (ä) and ö (ö) in the product and category names they get replaced with a hyphen (-) in the URLs. I want them to be replaced with the letters "a" and "o" instead. How do I fix this?


I use latest version of CubeCart.

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Hi Alex,


This has been an issue for a while as the default PHP code to allow "a-z" doesn't include "special characters" like the ones you mention so there is no automated way we can sanitize this keeping such characters... 


If you open includes/functions.inc.php remove at around line 723:

$path = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9-_/]/', '-', $path);

It will then stop replacing characters other than a-z 0-9 '-' and '/' with a hyphen and it will accept your paths. 

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I did some work on that and my solution was to permit % as a legal character.


I believe "special" characters are essentially disallowed as characters in a URL path. It will be real tricky as such characters may get translated into their hex code equivalent. Will it be the single byte upper-ascii or the 2,3-byte UTF-8?


In the end of my experiments, my 'legal' URL is the result of rawurlencode($path) which converts the UTF-8 upper bytes to, for example, %C0%56.


This gets databased safely, and mostly survives getting clicked on as a link.


The goal is to have the database CC_seo_paths table have a match against what the querystring 'seo_path' comes in as.

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