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Strange CC5 Loading Issue


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Hi guys , this might be a little bit of a weird issue were having with a CC5 store www.revolutionrc.com.au  , when in firefox , the loading address bar atthe bottom left says "www.revolutionrc.com.aumodules......... "    what i cant work out is the "modules" at the end of the address , this is making the pages take about 20 seconds to load , its really annoying , ive tryed 3 different computers running firefox in safe mode , all say the same thing ... ive attached a screen shot of what im on about , can someone please test if they get the same thing , it only happns on this CC5 store , no other CC5 stores ,  thanks


PHP Version 5.3.27

CC 5.2.4

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I'm going to say that the custom skin, where you have added a lot of <link rel="stylesheet" to the main.php template, has a missing slash in the sitemap plugin css statement, and two lines down is a reference to /modules/plugins/modsindex_alsolike/css/style.css that does not exist.


And the link to "Repairs" in your nav bar at the top on the Homepage, does not have a proper SEO-friendly URL.

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