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Problems with categories (in Cubecart 4.4.6)


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Could someone help me out with a couple of problems I have managed to create on my shop? All the problems are on the Categories menu.


I am using Cubecart 4.4.6 and the KitaBlue skin and am looking at the site with Linux.


I have done some modifications on the colours and things. I have for a week now tried to solve these with my poor coding skills but have had no luck.


The problems are visible on the image I have attached here.


1. How can I make the Category names fit on one row? Now some names are on two rows and that small black triangle is on top of the text. There should be plenty of space in the box but still it puts the text on two rows.


2. When one puts the cursor on top of a category that has sub-categories, the little box that has the new category has a blue line on the top. Where can I change this colour?


3. For some reason the text part of the search button (text: HAKU) has appeared on the upper right part of the Categories menu. How can I make the Serach button it's own box and plase it under the Categories box?


Thanks for any advice!


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