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Our website upgraded to cubecart 5


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HI all


We have upgraded our website to cubecart 5. We would like to asked for some input on anything you

think we can improve on it.


One thing we are trying to do is changed where it says "add to basket" to top of page like you have on amazon


We have start from started from cubecart 3. So happy to have forum like this for where you can ask for help

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Frankly, I don't like it. You need to find a green that is in the same color family as the two greens at the top, if possible. OR go for a completely different color that complements (intentionally not compliments) the greens you already have.


Also, in poking around I notice you still have the "no products found" wording on your categories when clicked. We find this confusing and went into Languages and changed that phrase to a blank. See DVD and below the icons for subcategories you'll see what I mean.

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