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You have exceeded the maximum amount of customers/orders/administrator


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Hi All,

i've just upgraded my store from v4 to the latest v5, however, i'm met with the "You have exceeded the maximum amount of customers/orders/administrators to continue using CubeCart Lite."


i can't figure what's going wrong, there 'were' 2 admin accounts, i've removed one, i've got around 70 customers to a whopping 30+ orders, yet i'm apparently exceeding limits?

I've tried removing some info from the database, but due to this error, i can't even process an order i received this morning!

Please can someone point me in the right direction (now also need to re-theme and sort my shop! not a happy chappy.
Technically, i wasn't finished getting it set up enough to want to go from 14 day trials to a full membershit, now i can't even access my orders, so to me it's just all a massive waste of time!

I'll be stalking this page for the rest of the day as the payment on this order is in pending status and i can't complete it without access to my store backend!

Kind regards
James Cliffe



I cans

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Thanks for your reply..



FROM `CC1_CubeCart_admin_users`  - 
Showing rows 0 - 0 ( 1 total, Query took 0.0001 sec)

FROM `CC1_CubeCart_customer` 
Showing rows 0 - 24 ( 25 total, Query took 0.0002 sec)

FROM `CC1_CubeCart_order_summary` 
Showing rows 0 - 21 ( 22 total, Query took 0.0002 sec) 

See now my predicament?
nothing i can see 'exceeds' the limits

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Ok so in CubeCart v5 you need to set the payment type to Authorize and not Sale. You can then either capture the funds in the PayPal admin control panel or there should be tools to do this if you look up the transaction in the order transaction logs. 


Don't worry we are here to help. It's just a bit different to how it used to be and all will be normal and fine in no time.

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